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Much of life we build an external mirage believing it will solve our internal yearnings. ShaMagic is the stage for each participant to create the play they have been dying to star in. It is the place where we leave the everyday external and enter into the infinite internal. Each practice, ceremony, interaction is intended to bring us to new frequencies, to experience and revitalize specific parts of us. The ones that keep us from Love. This is a journey back to the heart.

ShaMagic Retreats Mushrooms

ShaMagic Retreats 2024

An inner journey into the gates of perception

Vol VI: ShaMagic Totem - Special Edition 25th - 30th April @HK8, Mexico

Vol VII: Worldbridger Power 24th - 28th May @Sintra, Portugal

Vol VIII: Storm Majesty 3rd - 7th October @HK8, Mexico

Art . Breathwork . Cacao . Ceremonies . Hikes . Live Music . Magic Plants . Mandala Vinyasa . Temazcal  . Water Trips  

Dulce & Nicholas will be your ShaMagic Retreat hosts. They are two souls who opened their heart to each other by having a core common interest: to Create Magic…

One day Dulce, who was immersed in various shamanic forms, came across the most generous and loving medicine: Xanga. She asked this spirit to help her manifest true Love. Soon after Nicholas and his ever giving smile showed up. This began a journey of adventure, growth, laughter, love, magic and creation. It led to ShaMagic where they share the tools and medicines that have given them infinite lessons, healing, understanding and opportunities.

The intention of ShaMagic is to provide a space where you find comfort within yourself. We will be traveling to our inner landscape to recognize and integrate the parts of us that are calling for care in order to flourish to our maximum potential.

Portals to perception

  • Body: Yoga, Breathwork, Massage and nourishing Meals will enhance the body's ability to regenerate and strengthen

  • Mind: Awareness Workshops, connecting to nature through trips and hikes will feed and calm our thought capacity

  • Soul: The Power Plants & Temazcal will operate as a gate to see aspects that reside in our unconscious, awakening our ancestral memory and leading to a happier existence

  • Cacao & Ecstatic Dance
    A centuries-old ritual seen as the ultimate heart-opener. It includes songs, journeying, meditations, chanting, sound healing, discussion, dancing, connection and sharing.
  • Breathwork
    Exercises and techniques that enhance our energetic performance on the physical, mental & emotional level. The breath is life force. It can calm us down, boost us up, build a bulletproof immune system, assist in releasing trauma, trapped emotions and enhance our overall sense of well-being.
  • Mandala Vinyasa Yoga
    A Mandala represents the universe, our internal landscape. Practicing with the Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) provides a sense of the different archetypes that reside in us. The result is integration and a whole self. Dulce provides private/group sessions of her method as well as Teacher Trainings.
  • Xanga
    Consisting of a smokeable herbal blend that contains DMT, this ceremony provides the gate to the highest vibration we get to experience. It is a Love frequency that will give you infinite understanding, visions and gifts. Prepare to manifest the desires residing in your heart and to connect to who you really are. Personal and group sessions are available.
  • Yin Yoga
    A meditative practice that targets the connective tissues, the deep fascia networks of the body and the meridians. Yin yoga improves energy circulation, enhancing the flow of chi in the organs. Dulce provides private sessions to help any specific misalignment. Group sessions also available.
  • Meditation
    A practice of exploring our inner landscape allowing ourselves to arrive to a place of stillness. This practice of presence and being provides awareness, calmness and attunement to our inner world.
  • Temazcal - Sweat Lodge
    The womb of Mother Earth, an ancestral ceremony that connects us to the Elements resulting in a state of full appreciation. The Earth is the Shelter. The Water is the steam which cleans us. The Fire the catalyst of transformation. The Air is our thoughts & intentions.
  • Psilocybin
    Carried out in a sacred environment, this ceremony facilitates the exploration of one's own consciousness helping to resolve stress, traumas, depression, addictions and other mind / body fluctuations. Personal and group sessions are available.
Power Plants Retreat Cacao Dance Mushrooms Sweat Lodge Changa Xanga Meditation Yoga
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