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 Volume VI 25th - 30th April

 ShaMagic Totem Special Edition 

National Park Huasteca, MTY, Mexico

Includes meals, accommodation, daily Intentagrations, Yoga & Breathwork

25th pm to 30th April at noon 

  • 25th - Letting Go: Opening Ceremony & Temazcal

  • 26th - Opening your Heart: Cacao/Psilocybin Ceremony

  • 27th - Love Explosion: Xanga Ceremony (DMT)

  • 28th - Manifestation: Totem Workshop with MariaKame

  • 29th - Flowing: Hot Springs Water Trip

  • 30th - Closing Ceremony


  • 1 hour BodyMind therapeutic massage

  • 2 group intentagration sessions with Dulce & Nicholas after the retreat.

Deposit $444 USD - Included in price

Balance due on March 25th

The investment is the amount you wish to offer from $2222 to $4444 USD :)

Thank YOU

An inner journey into the gates of perception

Art . Breathwork . Cacao . Ceremonies . Hikes . Live Music . Magic Plants .

Mandala Vinyasa . Temazcal  . Totem  

Mexico Ceremony Retreats


 Dulce Mandala & Nicholas Menard

ShaMagic Totem Edition

Embrace Your Power Animal




Join us on a metamorphic experience at Totem 2024, a retreat designed to connect you with your power animal and inner strength. Nestled in the magical mountains of Parque La Huasteca, this retreat brings together a complementary blend of contemporary techniques and indigenous practices passed down through many lineages. Our retreat is a sanctuary where you can explore the depths of your soul, guided by the wisdom of your power animal.


Key Features

Power Animal Discovery: Join in introspective sessions led by experienced guides to help you identify and connect with your power animal. This brings deep self-awareness  and a profound sense of guidance for the rest of one’s life. 

  1. Ceremonial Plant Medicine: Experience the transformative power of plant medicine in our carefully curated ceremonies. These ceremonies offer each individual an opportunity to expand, heal, transform and grow. Each one is planned with intention to offer a space for healing, insight and spiritual rejuvenation.

  2. Mandala Yoga for All Levels: Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, our yoga sessions cater to all. Embrace the flow of energy within you each day as we move through 360 degrees rotation on the mat and within our souls. Moving the body and allowing it to express is key when doing this type of deep work. 

  3. Breathwork Sessions: Discover the power of breath in our guided breathwork classes. By employing the breath we connect with one of our greatest teachers to aid in stress reduction, promote relaxation, reduce anxiety and help in achieving a state of inner calm. The breath is our ally on this journey to the depths of our soul.

  4. Temazcal Ceremony: Immerse yourself in the ancient ritual of the Temazcal. This sweat lodge ceremony is a powerful detox for the body and soul promoting healing, purification and deeper connection with the earth. The temazcal is known as the Womb of Mother Earth. We go in to connect with different chapters of our life, to release what holds us back in order to create space for new parts to be born.

  5. Hikes & Offerings: ShaMagic Totem takes place in the serene mountains of Huasteca National Park. The natural beauty surrounding us throughout creates an energy that is palpable. We take each group on a hike through the mountains to build an altar and leave an offering to the land. For protection, for the energy, for the space, for gratitude, for all. 

  6. Community & Connection: Share this journey with a group of like-minded individuals. Build lasting connections as you explore your inner worlds together in a safe and supportive space. You are bound to create life long bonds during this experience. 




Who is this for?


ShaMagic Totem is for those seeking deeper insights into the mysteries of the universe. It is created for all to connect, heal, grow and transform their lives. Some come to offer and work through addictions, toxic relationships and traumas. Others come to heal past events and grieve deaths. All come to shift into a new frequency than the one came in with. Our mission is to do deep work in a light way.

Embrace the Totem Way

Prepare for a life changing journey with Totem. Rediscover your inner strength, find peace and awaken to a new level of understanding. Join us for an experience that promises not just a retreat but a profound energetic shift. There is life before ShaMagic and there is life after….